Xerox Applications Development



PAB Authorized Developer


TBC is a Xerox Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer.


The Xerox Personalized Application Builder program allows us to adapt your Xerox devices to the way you work, not the other way around. Through the touch panel of your Xerox device, our developers give you access to customized solutions improving hte way you share information, scan and print documents and manage their content.

The benefits are huge :

  • Simplify workflows by replacing numerous steps with a single button
  • Customize your multifunction printer
  • Carry out time-consuming tasks such as recovering documents stored on your servers without having to use a computer
  • Eeasily integrate solutions with your existing information system 
  • Enhance and adapt the functions of your Xerox device as your business grows and changes



We developed an application allowing you to fax documents through the Ecofax Pro OVH Cloud Service from your Xerox device. Thanks to this application, you will be able to :


  • save the cost of a dedicated fax line
  • reduce your paper footprint
  • receive your faxes and fax confirmations via e-mail
  • help with filing and archiving 
Icône bouton OVH Fax

Ecran OVHFax